Don't wait until the last minute to get your CDL physical!

There is no need to spend half your day stuck in a doctor's office simply waiting to get your physical.  With an appointment at Greenfield First Care, you will be in and out with your completed DOT/CDL physical in hand within an hour.


No appointment?  Don't worry!  Call ahead and we will make sure to find time to squeeze you in with a minimal wait.  We strive to provide an affordable and easy way for our commercial-driving friends to obtain their required examinations. 

Please bring the following (if applicable):

  • copy of previous CDL physical form (if new patient)
  • valid driver's license
  • printed list of all current medications with dosage
  • clearance letter to drive if you take a scheduled narcotic for any reason (i.e. - ADHD, anxiety, depression, pain management, weight loss, etc.)
  • clearance letter from your cardiologist if you have had a heart attack or heart bypass surgery
  • payment method for exam (we do not file CDL physicals to insurance)

What to expect from your medical exam:

  • urine sample analysis (not a drug test) - please be prepared to provide your sample (let the receptionist know if you need a cup of water)
  • vision test
  • pulse and blood pressure check
  • examine eyes, throat, mouth
  • listen to heart and lungs
  • check for spine deformation
  • check for abdomen abnormalities
  • check for hernia


Once the exam has been completed, you will have to take your copy of the form to your local BMV Licensing Branch.  We will register you online at the NRCME (National Registry for Certified Medical Examiners) website.


PLEASE NOTE:  You are NOT guaranteed to pass your medical qualifications.  If you have paid for the examination and do not pass, your payment will be refunded less the cost of charge for a urinalysis.  We WILL work with you to help you get your health to a passable standard.  Please don't wait until the last minute for these reasons.

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